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Who are we?

We are a firm that strives to advise our clients in their best interests. Legal advice can differ and people find it difficult to get the correct advise that is solely in their interests. However at MLS you can be assured that is what you will get.

With years of experience as immigration law and legal specialists and a background in voluntary and crisis organisations, MLS is truly your one stop for all your immigration and legal advice needs.

Manchester Legal Services is also registered as a Medical Reporting Organisation (MRO) on the Medco portal. The ethos of Manchester Legal Services is to provide Solicitors/Insurers with Medical Reports of a high standard, produced by doctors who are fully conversant with all the relevant issues (causation, duration of symptoms, prognosis, acceleration/exacerbation of symptoms etc.). Our medico-legal reports are prepared by our panel of GPs, Orthopaedic Consultants, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and consultants with other specialities according to the nature of claim.